Joseph And Chris(Oringly Named As The Odom Family On It Premare On April 1996) The Series Started Out As A Test Dummy When The Oringly Pilot Was Out Titled Joseph And Chris: Cartoon On LR Shorts Some Stuff Befor The Pilot Came Changed A Later Fact Was Joseph And Chris Was Oringly a Darma Series And Pilot Coved Action And Killing People In The Series That Ended On Title What Dan Hadson Was Oringly The Creator For Series Read The Info About What Show Was Going Be

===========================SHOW PRODUCTION=============================

Interview: When Was The Show Gonna Premare In?

Dan Hadson: The Show Will Air In Late 80s (Maybe In 1989) On JTV

Interview: Can You Tell Us What Title Is?

Dan Hadson: This Show Is Called Chris And Dan: The Stupidhead Brothers, Im Setting A Darma TV Series Fellowing Two Bad Guys Set Of Fighting Vampires And Being Sexuals, The Series WilL Fellow As A Sequl Spinoff To The Odom Family With Characters Brothers Chris And Dan Who Has Missed Their Family Who Has Died In 2032 With Dan Being 36 And Chris Being 41 And Must Kill And Find Chris And Dan And Take Jennet (Who Is Dan Girlfriend) And Will Settle To Kill Her Or Insistently Take Her Hostage

Interview: Will Show Betaking A Part Of A Special Series Or Very Command Thing In It


Now Show Devlopement Was Took en In A 1998 Issue Of JTV Books With James Tyler Interview


Interview: What Happend To Dan Hadson's [[|Joseph And Chris|Chris And Dan: The Stupidhead Brothers]]

James Tyler: Two Of The Extives Producers Chris Cocker And Joseph O. Dewayne(Who Was Only 3 At This Time, And Was A Best Friend) Told Me Do Show Sence Joseph, Said Whatever You Do, Believed What Been As A Commady I Started Doing Making A Show About Him And His Family The Show W|as In Produced By JTV Company Inc 1930s There Were Alot-Announcements Can Not Be Seen-Were Pretty Cool Im Is Espireing This Kid,

Interview: When Is Show Set To Air

James Tyler: The Test Dummy Will Air Later In Spring In 1996, i Just Started On The Project For 500 Episodes Of This Year And Hopefully Dan And Chris Will Air In The Summer In 1996 And Will Pair With The Odom Familt Witch Is The Test Dummy

Interview: Can Not Wait To See Series Soon

James Tyler: I Hope You Like It