Joseph And Chris. Retooled Was A Retool Version Of Joseph And Chris the project was to air in 2014 on JAE[1]

Production / Cancled

The Retooled Version Was Annouecd June 7, 2013[2] And Was Gonna Be On Hasbro's The Hub As Hamy -JD-C Said Not Doing The Series, But Will Find A Creator That Will It Was Confermed For A Summer 2014 Premare Date On The Hub And As Doe Studios Like It [3] On June 13, 2013 It Was Confermed By Dan Hadson Was Working On Toneing Down The Silly Humor And Won't Be On The Hub, Or Even DCC Or DOE, [4]On November 3, 2013 Doe Studios Presdent Joseph O. Dewayn Has Dumped The Project Due To "Viewers Of Owership Dammed It"[5]


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