Joseph For Nintendo Gamecube Is A Canclled Nintendo Gamecube Title Devloped By KICHO D&S Games (Was Know As LR Studios Games After LR Studios Dissoved With Turner Entertainment And Became DOE Studios)

Joseph For Nintendo Gamecube Had A Japan Title Know As Kurai Josefu(Dark Joseph In English, This Title May Be Teling Us That The Game Would Had Joseph As A Daker Inted OF The Students In High School)

the games beta elements was used for joseph gose school grades there was alo a rumor that john was gonna apper in the game but this was not happen and there was no gameplay of the game with him in it

there was on beta element removed in the game and that was for changes t-shirts for joseph was this removed becuase of copying orther game fetures?

there are also removed modles for the game with joseph's darkballa and a enamie of one darkers that never apper in main game but it had the name "TestEneGCE2013.E3" witch mean that this darker was use be to apper in e3 2013 trailer of joseph gose school grades,

in beta of joseph for nintendo gamecube there was a block that had a shaodw in you and takes 12 damges from it this could be the beta version of The Flack

in joseph for nintendo gamecube the darkers attacked joseph and them at the elementray school, insted of the high school the game may had taken place during pre-k insted of after the main series of joseph gose school television series

there was also a creature named "Sick Darker" The E3 2002 Joseph Game Show Joseph Being Sick And Thorwed Up The Darkness Out Of Him With Lossing Helth Everytime this may been anorther enime that was removed from the game

In E3 2013 the game was remade for title called Joseph Gose School Grades There Were Not Many Changes For Game Beside Model Size Down For Joseph And And T-Shirt Color Change For Cena

However In PC Version There Was Only One Mode That Game Didnt Had On Console Versions And That Was Shadow Fight Witch Was Removed IN PC Version Because Of Hacking To Kill The Orther Person In One Hit And May Not End Up On Console To Be Worried About That Risk

The Game Was Also Planned For Wii And PS3 In Japan But They Removed This Because Of People Found Out And Leaked The Game  Witch End Up With Joseph O. Dewayn Saying "That This Was Not Coming To Wii Or PS3 In JAPAN"