The Spunk Girls(Oringal Title For Cena) Was Oringly A Tech TV Series That Was Annoued At LR Studios's JTV Con 2009 Titled Beta Run Witch Premared July 16, 2009 At JTV Con 2009 Show Time! This Show Showed Of A 3 Girls Danceing On Poles As Strippers This Series Was Actally Suppost To Be An Adventure Series That Would Be Come An Series That Could Start Of As 3 Girls Danceing And Strpping But Turns Out On October 20, 2010 This Series Was Changed As Cena 

Oringly There Was Gonna Be A Boss That Hired The 3 Strippers Named Joe This Name Was Used Later On In Joseph Gose School 2: The Untitle Story As Alot Chataters Of That Series Call's Joseph  Such As Ms.Archer

The Series Was Gonna Be A Hard Time Life/Bully Problem Series However JTV Would Confliced That Would Been Stand Up Level Of JTEEN

The Spunk Girls
Created by Jenny Fenee
Developed by James Tyler

Adam Steve

No. of episodes 1
Luise Ricky
Producer(s) Con Steven
Original channel JTV Con 2009
First shown in July 16, 2009(Beta Run)

October 1, 2009(Premare)

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