Cenay known in Japan as Shina (シーナ) is an American Japanese Comedy Anime Series that Premared February 7, 2011 it is One Of Doe Studios Top Television Series and a spinoff of Joseph Gose School.

Created by James Tyler
Developed by Luise Ricky

Jims Roys

Theme music composer Lesa Joys
Country of origin USA


Language(s) Jappaness


No. of episodes 91
Lonny Stone


Producer(s) Jacky Kico
Running time 22-Mins
Original channel JTV
First shown in December 11, 2010 On The World Of LR Shorts
Original run February 7, 2011 – Present
Followed by Darcey
Related shows Joseph Gose School Series


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Doe Studios Hinted a Joseph Gose School Spinoff Later In 2009 At JTV Con 2009 Before The Beta Run Started Joseph O. Dewayne Annoued That They Were Interested In Working On A Girl Spinoff That Was On Joseph Gose School They First Started Off Idea Making A Christena Series But Doe Studios Could Not Get Things Intersted Doe Studios Tryed Anorther Girl Charater Who Was Name Kerena Buytt Doe Studios Hadd Issues Working On Geting Drawing Done But On August 23, 2010 Doe Studios Annoued That Cena Docks Was Interested In Making A Television Series Base Off On Her, On October 11, 2010 When Dewayne Confermed That He Was Working On A show Base On Cena Docks The Series Was Oringly Set To Airr December 11, 2010 As First Was Done By Then But Doe Studios Wanted Put Airing Longside With Joseph Gose School And It Pushed To February 7, 2011


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DVD/Blu-Ray Relese Date

DVD title Season Episode count Release date (DVD) Release date (Blu-Ray)
Cenay: Season 1 Season 1 13 July 1, 2011
Cenay: Season 2 Season 2 13 March 19, 2012
Cenay: Season 3 Season 3 13 November 12, 2012
Cenay: Season 4 Season 4 13 January 21, 2013[1]
Cenay: Season 5 Season 5 13 March 31, 2013[2]
Cenay: Season 6 Season 6 26 January 29, 2015[3]
Cenay: Season 7 Part 1 Season 7 10 November 12, 2015
Cenay: Season 7 Part 2 Season 7 11 November 20, 2015
Cenay: Season 8 Season 8 21 Julu 18, 2017 July 18, 2017

Orther Media


A Cena Doll Along With A Joseph Doll Holding Hands Was Relesed On Joseph Complete Series DVD January 23, 2014, On February 7, 2014 It Was Confermed That Cena & Joseph Doll Will Be Relesed On February 7, 2015


Cena: The Movie

On October 16, 2011 JTV Con 2011 Annoued A Sanay Feture Flim Coming Soon, The Film Will Come Out Fall 2012, Jenny Fenne Confrem That Movie Happens Durning Joseph Gose School: Hardcore Adventures And Is Part Season 4's Epsiode, Production It Will Premare September 3, 2012

Cena 2

On September 3, 2012 James Tyler Annoued The He Was Working On A Sequl For Cena: The Movie It Was Annoued On December 21, 2012 That Title Will Be Called Cena 2 And Will Be Relesed On Augest 31, 2013[4][5]


Cenay: V (2016)

on August 9, 2015 Doe Studios has annouced an Episodeic Series airing February 1, 2016 to February 7, 2016


on July 31, 2018 KICHO has annouced that a mobile game base on the 2011 television series, is in developement and will launched on Android and iOS in Q1 2019.

Web Episodes(2013)

Title Premare Date Time
Cena's Trip August 1, 2013 379 minutes(6 Hours 19 Mins)