James Tyler Born (April 22 1974 - May 15, 2013[1] Age 39) Is Animetor Writer And comedian His Best Work Is Joseph And Chris And Joseph Gose School Serise

Early life

Tyler Was Born In S Texas At 7 Years Old He Started Work In Farm For His Family And Around 15 He Wanted Start Anime Someday On 1994 He Begain Working On His Frist Cartoon King Spltter Wich Aired As Short On MTV, In 1995 He Begain Working On His Short That Spun On The World Of LR Shorts Called Joseph And Chris Witch Primared Augest 4, 1996 He Later Worked Anime Series Joseph Gose School Series With Both Co-Producers Hamy-JD-C And Adam Steve That Primared Augest 4, 1999. As Of June 12, 2007 He Became Co-Presedent Of LR Studios


On May 9, 2013 It Was Annoued That James Tyler Was Arrested For Useing TV Box's Cat Box And Useing It The Wrong Way[2] On May 15, 2013 It Was Conferm That He Confess That He Did Killed The Creator[3](Witch Was An Officer/Protecter) At 7PM He Officly Died[4]


King Spltter(Crated A Pilot For MTV In 1994)

The World Of LR Shorts(Crated Joseph And Chris For JTV In 1995)

Joseph And Chris(Crater Wirter Producer)

Joseph Gose School(Crater Wirter)

The Crazy Adventures(Animetro Crater Produer)

Sanay(Cartor Writer)

The Jetsons(Cratro Producer)

Cartoon Network

Dexter's Lab(3 Epsiodes)

Ed Edd N Eddy(5 Epsiodes)

The Powerpuff Girls(20 Epsiodes)

Screat Mountaint Fort Awsome(Writer)

Regular Show(Writer)

Orther Shows

The Oblongs(Animetor)

God,the Devil and Bob(Voiced God, Animetor)

King Slag(Voiced James)

Dylan And Jerry SHOW(Writer)

Ed Buck(Writer) Mongo Wrestling Alliance(Wiriter)

Crazy Party!(Voiced Jane)

Collegehumor's Luigi Finally Snaps And Mario's Warp Whistle (Voiced Mario Bowser)

Collegehumor's Bowsers Minions(Voiced Koopa Troopa Chain Chomp Boo)