Joseph Odom VI known in Japan as "Josefu Odomu Virtual Imagination" ( ジョセフ・オドム:仮想想像バーチャル イマジネーション  Josefu odomu: Kasō sōzō) is is an Open World Role-Playing video game, that will launch on August 6, 2019 in Japan and September 6, 2019 in North American and PAL for Gamestation Cinq and Gamestation 4 and End of 2019 for Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and Steam.


After going to the  Digital Land, Joseph Must join with his New Partners Lenon (ライエン Reian) and Auwin (オーウィン Ou~in) to escape the Digital Land from Evil and Brave.


Joseph Odom VI begin in developement in 2015 after the completion of Joseph Odom 5 in japan and as "Joseph Odom 6" and was set to release to 2018, but was further delay to 2020 and back to June 2019, to finally a release window of September 2019. in June 2018 the game was revealed as "Joseph Odom VI"